T-Brothers Food & Trading LTD

Since 1995, T-Brothers Food & Trading Ltd. has contributed to the customers' health and prosperity as dynamic and growing food wholesale industry.

With Kimchi, a signature dish of Korean Cuisine in the forefront. T-Brothers is providing a variety of products to Korean-immigrant communities and major grocery chains in Canada (Costco, T&T, Save on Foods, Fairway, etc.) at increasing volumes. T-Brothers has recently supplied laver (seaweed) products to Costco.

In addition, to being a large food wholesaler, T-Brothers is also provider of household appliances (Dimchae-Kimchi refrigetaror, Lihom Rice Cooker, Wongjin water purifier) in the efforts to improve the customers' living comfort and well-being.

T-Brothers and its employees will continue to thrive with maximum effort towards the enhancement of health, happiness and lifestyle of the customers as well as the contrivution to their community.

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* Sales Associate
* Wage: $2800 /month
* Working Hours: 40 hours a week
* Working Place: 100 - 88 Brigantine Dr, Coquitlam, BC. V3K6Z6

- High school diploma
- Driver License
- English required
- Food industry related work preferred

1. Set the goal for assigned customers and follow
2. Introduce new products and ensure high level of services
3. Meets and greets new customers
4. AR Collection for assigned customers