• Total Express is unique in our approach to providing both import and export services
• In an age of “out-sourcing”, we have equipped ourselves with our own trucks, warehouses, custom brokerage & forwarding services
• You can build a modular program (pick only the services you need), or we can design a seamless, end to end solution for your organization
• We provide both generic & industry-specific solutions for SME’s & MNC’s.

IN-HOUSE Services
• Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Customs Brokerage & Trucking Services • Centralized Tracking System and Web-based Inventory System
• Industry-specific, dedicated solutions for overseas VMI and local distribution needs

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* Import Coordinator
Industry: International Logistics/ Distribution
Working hours: 8 hours/day (Mon-Fri)
Salary: $2,600/month
2 weeks vacations
Location: 725 Eaton Way, Unit 130, DELTA, BC V3M 6S5

* English required
* Work Experience/ Education requirement: N/A

- Provided customer service by phone calls and e-mails.
- Issuing invoice, debit and credit note including data entry in daily basis. Mainly organizing documents for ocean import cargo in customs warehouse.
- Prepare ocean container import documents. Communicate with Canada local importers and transmit pre-alerts for upcoming cargos.
- Manage ocean container drayage with dispatching truckers.
- Assist customs brokers for clearance (submitting documents to the brokers and filing related documents).
- Communicate with ship liner and air liner.
- Checking entry port and prepare arrival notice.
- Monitoring customs transaction response and update release status.
- Cargo tracking and guide CBSA officers to the location for inspection and exam.
- Transmit ACI and E-manifest to CBSA. Proof of Delivery filing to system.
- Quotation transportation rate, logistics cost to overseas and Canada local importers.
- Dispatch orders to drivers. Update cargo inventory in system.